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Conceptual Design Project

I've always been fascinated with the San Antonio Spurs logo. I grew up seeing this logo as a kid, at the time there was nothing like it in the NBA. I created this concept to relive my childhood via the shoes on my feet.

This  concept defines my personality and style, it all starts with color to capture the attention of others. The combination of bright festive colors captures the personality and spirit of San Antonio, TX. 

I wanted to create shoe a design that is just as bold as those colors, and that will make you stand out from the crowd.  While placing a more modern logo as well.

Nike Dunk San Antonio Spurs Concept

As a person who loves shoes I have always been drawn to the dunks. The style and low comfort fit with a variety of colors has made me a collector. Most recently I was introduced to the customization side of shoe. This is a prototype I have been working on.

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